An artist resolutely … ” WILD ” !!!

What do you do when the force of music rips you out of the ocean?

EOLYA, alias Guilhem, has been playing didgeridoo for a dozen years and has been practicing multi-instrumentism since very young … just like the surf he has been practicing since his childhood. But apparently it is not a problem for him because listening to the natural elements is a practice which is familiar to him for this beautiful and young artist, who likes to observe the sky and the sea ! These elements are the source of his inspirations and musical compositions.

When the sun and the waves of the French Southwest are there… well, it’s cool! And when the weather sulks, he is above all that with his special moments, when he composes and plays didgeridoo, Handpan, Flutes and other instruments in his personal recording studio “made in home“.

  • Hello, who are you ?

Hi ! I’m Eolya, I’m 29 years old and I live in Anglet, in the Basque Country of France. I have been passionate about music since childhood. I started with the Piano, then the guitar and the drums… and for a few years the Didgeridoo, the Handpan, the Flutes, the Hurdy-Gurdy and the Rebec. I am also passionate about Surfing, which I have been practicing since childhood too. I was fortunate to grow up in a family of sports enthusiasts and passionate about nature, which allowed me to evolve in a healthy environment, it is a real chance today !

I am a modern orchestra man, with my Didgeridoos, Handpans, Guitars, Hurdy-Gurdy, Flutes, Rebec… I marry continents and musical influences from around the globe! I consider my music to be “Celtic Tribal“, it corresponds quite well to what I am trying to produce live !

  • Why this artist name?

This is a name that I “received” in a dream, I am very close to the traditions of the first peoples, especially the Amerindians, and this is how they receive their “real” name! So I told myself that it would be great to keep this name which also represents my universe very well. A nod to “ÉOLE” the God of the wind, it sticks pretty well to Didgeridoo, flute, song…

  • How did your meeting go in your head… you must be many in there ?

For the moment I live quite well with myself, I support myself well… lol !

  • How did you come up with the idea of making an album ?

Several people, including family, have told me that it would be great to share what I do in CDs. I really liked the idea and I got started ! Digital is good, the physical version still brings something more personal. The universe of the cover, the drawings, the typos, all that represents the artist, much better than an mp3 or wav online.

  • How long did it take you between the day of your meeting and the release of the album ?

Quite quickly in the end, I was inspired enough, the pieces were quickly materialized and mastered.

  • Does your album contain some sort of message ?

Of course ! Take care of our Mother Earth, mainly. I’m really looking to share this Love that I have for Earth, Nature in general. The interest of taking care of it, of preserving it, of raising awareness of the fragility of its balance.

I also speak of the Human, of spirituality, of this need to reconnect with what lives deep within Us. Which binds us together and makes “we are all one” as the first peoples say. This journey that changes Boys and Girls into Men and Women, not a snap of a finger or a simple number representing our age. But of a certain sensitivity, of our feelings, this desire to discover who we are, why we are more or less made.

  • What is your flagship or favorite title ? Why and what inspires you ?

That’s a really tough question !

Several titles speak to me, but the most “flagship” would certainly be “The Host“. He speaks of this space in Us, sacred, personal and intuitive. Of connection with Nature and interest. Not to completely disconnect from it, otherwise we are missing something vital and essential. But there is also “Dare” that I composed two years ago, I let you discover the music by itself, you will understand !

  • What effort(s) or sacrifice(s) did you have to make to improve or bring your album to fruition ?

To tell the truth, I didn’t resonate so much in terms of efforts, since it’s something I really like. But I often like to compare sport and music in a way. There must be a certain discipline, persistence, to hang on and not to give up. It’s like in Surf, when you take 6 waves on your head, and you don’t have to let go of anything otherwise you end up on the beach or worse, on the pebbles !

In music it’s a bit the same, there are failures, you have to redo everything, the sound was not good, we do not master enough certain instrument techniques. So we take a deep breath, and we hang on because that’s what we like !
I can pretty well visualize the purpose of what I want to do, so it helps me during difficult or complicated moments! ” Damn ! If I can do this like this, it will be great ! “

  • Your best memory in the studio or live for this album ?

Each time they are unique and magnificent moments! I mix my own songs, I trained in sound and made some mixes for friends who were very surprised hahaha… What I always keep in my songs, even in the studio, it’s a part of improvisation. I have a line to follow, I know where I am going, but at times it is as if a small path is drawing in parallel ! “Here it looks cool over there, let’s see that”, the destination remains the same, only the path changes a little ! And it was born, most of the time, notes or parts of songs quite incredible. Be in the feeling and not too much in the mind to want to control everything and frame everything. I think that is what best represents me, to let that part of intuition that makes us all up, let the magic of the moment do its work…

  • Your worst memory in the studio or live for this album ?

When the computer crashes without having made an automatic backup, 2 times in a row and you have to redo everything! When you record and you realize that the metronome can be heard, when the cat comes to eat its kibbles in full recording… hahaha nothing serious, but at the moment, you tell yourself that it will be long and tedious !

  • At the speed that things are going today, would you have a personal message for the people who are listening or will listen to your album ?

Already, I hope that it will speak to you, that it will awaken something in you, that you will enjoy listening, quite simply !
But truth be told, I’m not really expecting feedback, it’s above all the pleasure of offering, of sharing After that it’s always extremely fun to feel recognized, to see that people appreciate, it’s a bonus that weighs its weight !

For those who get started, have fun, really, this is the basis of a job well done. If there is not this fun, if there is only pressure and obligations, we close the doors of magic. We remain locked in the mind, and intuition, the beauty of Music, is only very rarely expressed in all its splendor. Keep this part of the child who wants to play with what surrounds him, while having this maturity to be aware of it. It may seem simple, but it gets lost very quickly, “why so serious ?

  • What are your plans for the future ?

At the moment, I work a lot with the Handpan, the Hurdy-Gurdy and the Rebec. I’m preparing a new live set, to try to integrate my new inspirations. It takes a lot of time and organization, because although there is intuition and inspiration, a song is built! It has to be coherent, it’s a story told through music, we avoid starting at the end… I don’t think about it too much, I really let things happen by itself . That does not prevent me from sharing on the networks, making my little hole little by little and looking for concert dates ! But no pressure, it remains pure pleasure and joy for me, this chance to be able to make music !

The album “WILD” by EOLYA is a subtle and hovering mixture between the Didgeridoo, Handpan, Vielle, Flute etc… all led by a beautiful creative soul !

10 sumptuous titles for an endless journey… superb !

Here are some links to listen to “WILD“:

DEEZER : https://www.deezer.com/fr/album/108833812
APPLE MUSIC : https://music.apple.com/it/artist/eolya/1477903796
SPOTIFY : album listening to subscribers.


I met EOLYA a few years ago during the HANDPAN FESTIVAL near Mèze, in the South of France. And I immediately hooked on the simplicity of this French “BRAD PITT”, with its seductive flavor …. and I admit I was seduced by his musical universe as well as his love for the ocean. .. normal because we are both surfers.

What I liked most about EOLYA is that he dares to make pretty cheeky covers like the song “FEELING GOOD” (1965) from the huge NINA SIMONE… and there, I say bravo ! You can see it all on his YOUTUBE channel…

If ever festival programmers are looking for a new and fresh identity, well know gentlemen that EOLYA has the ideal profile … then do not wait too long because the projects of this talented boy will not be long in coming!

Thank you EOLYA for being !!!

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