The didgeridoo is the “speaker” of your body and soul…
To play it, is discovering yourself !


So many things to discover on the didgeridoo… so… let’s get started !!!

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument to play and you don’t need to know music theory or have made music to start, it’s the best when you want to start music quietly !

Today, the didgeridoo is the most “simple” instrument that we know because it is an instrument without piston mechanics, slides or holes and which works only with the vibration of the lips, plus our column of air that we use to create sounds.

I have met a lot of people to date and I have often had remarks like: “A lot of you play it in France ? or “It’s crazy all the sounds you make with this piece of wood ! », or even « I thought there were 2 or 3 players at the same time »

Which makes me think that the didgeridoo is still a mystery in our country, yet it is so amazing when you hear it for the first time.

The didgeridoo dates back 20,000 years and is still a mystery to many people. It must be said that the didgeridoo comes from a distant continent: Australia !

Originally, it was the Australian Aborigines who played it to celebrate weddings, births, deaths and to pay homage to our Mother Earth.

The didgeridoo is starting to become more and more popular, thanks to several actors, including myself… and I can tell you that I encountered this instrument in 1995 and it changed my life !

I know he will do the same for you… join us in the adventure !

Advantages of Playing the Didgeridoo

When learning the didgeridoo, the people I work with usually experience faster growing self-esteem and greater joy.
Taking classes is a way of believing in yourself that benefits you in many ways and is designed to help you :

  • Understand the art of playing a wind instrument
  • Channel stress into a positive outlet
  • Develop your sense of rhythm
  • Explore meditation through sound
  • Strengthen your breathing
  • Play with other musicians
  • Reduce and eliminate symptoms of sleep apnea, snoring and other respiratory problems

The didgeridoo is an unique instrument !

To take full advantage of the virtues of the didgeridoo to recharge your batteries !

By learning to play the Didgeridoo, you will access a “letting go” which will allow you to connect to your inner “self” and you will be recharged in energy, thanks to this connection which you will have established by blowing in your Didgeridoo… magic !

Don’t wait any more, contact me to get your 1st lesson please !