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Raphaël DIDJAMAN is a composer / producer, and musician based in Paris, France. He’s known as a pioneering artist of the didgeridoo. He was featured on french tv and Radio as one of the first to bring this instrument into other styles of popular music. He was also commissioned to perform as a soloist with The Orchestre Symphonique Divertimento under the direction of conductor, Zahia Ziouani.

In 2007, he founded TRIBAL ZIK RECORDS to record albums that showcased the specialness of this instrument. With 16 albums, and 3 didgeridoo learning DVDs later, he runs his musical production to advance artists and his career as a screen composer.

Today, he focuses on writing musical storylines for films or television series.

Pic by Michel Rubinel


“Searching PLANETE 9”

  • Duration : 52 mns
  • Directed by : Florence Tran
  • Authors : Cécile Dumas / Florence Tran
  • Animator : Pierre Magnol
  • Editing : Cédric Piktoroff / Naji El Mir
  • Original Music : Raphaël Didjaman
  • Broadcast : ARTE, 2022
  • Distribution : ARTE DISTRIBUTION
  • QUAI D’ORSAY by Bertrand Tavernier
  • Music composer : Philippe Sarde
  • Didgeridoo : Raphaël Didjaman
  • WINGED MIGRATION by Jacques Perrin
  • Music composer : Bruno Coulais
  • Didgeridoo : Raphaël Didjaman
  • PLAY by Anthony Marciano
  • Music composer : Raphaël Hamburger
  • Didgeridoo : Raphaël Didjaman


  • Composition : Raphael Didjaman
  • Didgeridoo : Raphael Didjaman

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