Didgeridoo Lessons

Come and discover music with the didgeridoo !

I can help you play music while having fun, or cure you of sleep apnea !

Beginner, intermediate or advanced, I offer the simple curious as well as the most passionate about didgeridoo, private lessons adapted to everyone, with a simple and effective method that I have created and improved for 30 years !

Group or personal courses, I want you to discover, then explore all the possible fields offered by this outstanding instrument !

Gentle Didgeridoo Lessons…

“I am a total beginner and I have never made music…
is it possible for me too? »

Yes it’s possible to play the didgeridoo even if you have never made music, because during the lessons, I will teach you the basic techniques to obtain the “drone” (fundamental note).

But above all, do you know what would make you happy to play with the didgeridoo ?

  • Meditation ?
  • Rhythms ?
  • A bit of both ?
  • A more traditional game ?
  • A more contemporary game ?

That this, I’ll make you blow into several didgeridoos to determine which one will work best for you during your class hours. It is this step that will make you understand the importance of the note (C, D, E) that will correspond to you to start playing without forcing… because yes, we can have fun from the first lessons !

Step by step, you will understand that your body is a laboratory and that you will be able to discover and explore it. As the lessons progress, I will teach you how to master this wonderful instrument more and more without suffering !!!

My method is simple : a moving muscle = a changing sound !

“I am intermediate, how is it going for me ? »

  • I know how to play, I have Circular Breathing, but I feel that it “stuck” to move forward… how to do ?

I will first have to assess your game to know the basics you have acquired, especially on Circular Breathing. Then, it will be a question of making all this evolve gently and seeing together what you like in the didgeridoo to practice at “without going around in circles”.

From there, I could guide you to the appropriate sounds and techniques to play the way you want !

“I am advanced, but I want to go further ! »

  • I really know how to play, I master Circular Breathing well, and I would like to “push” my game higher and further… how to do it ?

In my method, I have lessons that are very physical and mentally higher !

My mission is to transmit and give you this strength by accompanying you by playing with you ! We will build rhythms thtogether and we will determine the appropriate playing techniques… and we will really work hard !

Don’t forget… we do all that only for pleasure of course !!!

So contact me !

Rates adapted to each person's situation

20€ to 120€/hour