The Didgeridoo with SKYPE...The Didgeridoo with SKYPE...

Learn the Didgeridoo from far and everywhere… it’s possible !

You can learn the didgeridoo at home ! Because Raphael offers to teach you how to play the didgeridoo on SKYPE and FACEBOOK Messenger from now !

And yes, the internet is allowing incredible things today. You can take live lessons around the world with SKYPE, Messenger or any type of APP that allows you to make live video… which means that you can shorten distances on a planetary scale… magical no ?

Raphaël offers to take with him live didgeridoo lessons with your computer with a camera and a microphone, a smartphone or a tablet… and you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the rendering and the proximity that can bring between you and Raphael with this kind of exercise that could easily become a reflex in case of technical blocking on your instrument… a good reason to get a real answer with a real solution… and at the right time !

” The time during the lesson is very important ! “

The time of a lesson is 40 minutes because it allows you to enter the right information and the right message. The first five minutes will allow you to evaluate with Raphaël Didjaman your level of play. Then you will get to the heart of the matter by learning directly a technique sound, breathing or rhythm according to your level of progress…

” It’s your rigor and love of the instrument that will make you progress ! “

The first thing to do during or after the class is to note the advice that Raphael gave you because the method he has developed can only help you if you follow a minimum of advice. Which does not mean that it will be necessary to become a stupid and mean machine, but on the contrary, it will be necessary to work the practice of its instrument to develop a greater sensitivity and openness to its Didgeridoo and oneself. This will make you aware of your strengths and your weaknesses. The goal is to awaken your conscience even more when you play.

The body in which you are is a magical laboratory just waiting to be discovered and explored… so follow your instinct with a minimum of tools and everything will happen for the better !

As you have understood, each course is different because it will bring you to a greater opening of play and spirit… with the help of albums in MP3 that Raphael Didjaman will send you by Wetransfer to support you, you will be able to develop also listening to the game of other players. This is part of the decoding phase of the musical dialect throughout your custom courses.

Don’t worry… Raphaël does speak English fluently !

How to start distance learning ?

  1. At first you must contact Raphaël directly on his Facebook or email to set up your goals, whether simple or complex, the important thing is to know the kind of program you want to do and also know what you want to get.
  2. In a second step it is necessary to determine the number of courses which you wish… and to then pass to the financial settlement. Raphaël will guide you calmly for the rest of the transaction.
  3. The 3rd step is to set up the courses on your agenda… and voilà ! You can now learn to play by avoiding making kilometers of traffic jams !

40 mns =