The artistic collaborations of Raphael Didjaman…

” Life is short and I don’t have 500 years in front of me… so I’m enjoying it as much as possible ! “

This is what Raphael likes to say when we exchange good times with him over a beer… so yes, we agree ! It is this overflowing energy that makes meetings and projects follow one another… so let’s follow it on its course where the challenge of sharing a project with someone famous is like a child’s game in his eyes !

When science gets involved…

2019 : Who would have thought one day that the Didgeridoo and the Dinosaurs could end up on a sound project ? Nobody… except some scientists crazy and great !

The Paleontologist Jean-Sebastien STEYER and the famous scientist Hubert REEVES will join on a sound music album named  ” JURASSIC SOUNDS “  to immerse themselves in the era of Dinosaurs… and we can say that it is successful !

Album available on the usual listening platforms…

2012 :  The consecration is looming with the Symphonic Orchestra DIVERTIMENTO !

After years of hard work and thirst for learning to share the didgeridoo, now the news falls: the great conductor Zahia ZIOUANI, of the DIVERTIMENTO Symphony Orchestra, wants a certain Raphaël DIDJAMAN to control to play a ” Concerto for Didgeridoo “.

This will bring all the long-awaited credibility to his career by becoming the first official didgeridoo soloist within a recognized orchestral structure. To see the current dates, come back to visit us !

Arthur Rimbaud, a timeless triptych !

An incredible adventure that lasts since 2005 !

A depression does not mean that it’s the end of everything… quite the opposite ! For Raphael, it was the beginning of another adventure… that of the meeting with the greatest artists of the French scene !

They ask for more and more! These are our artists ” Made in France ” who began their career with our greatest poets… and who love what Raphaël Didjaman does when he invites them to come and put their voices on this triptych quite incredible !

To make a beautiful and sacred trip in his guts to understand what wrote our poet with soles of wind. This is what Raphael tells us in this triptych…

Arthur H, Denis Lavant, Viktor Lazlo, Sapho

JC. Dreyfus, Fabrice Eboué, David Linx

Dominique Pinon, Desireless

Guillaume Gallienne, Olivier Besançenot

Kohndo, Sophie Barjac, Isabelle Pasco

Roger Carel, Christophe Salengro…

  • 2001 :  Collaboration with the composer Bruno Coulais with the participation to the original soundtrack of the film WINGED MIGRATION of Jacques Perrin

  • 2013 :  Collaboration with the composer Philippe Sarde for the participation to the soundtrack of the film QUAI D’ORSAY by Bertrand Tavernier.

Raphael Didjaman has also composed music for various commercials such as the Kia car, the Game Boy Advance console, the Renault, Toyota cars etc.