What if ESTAS STONE played Didgeridoo or Handpan…

There are sometimes times when you want to talk about an artist you love, without bluntness. Because it gives off that « something » that few artists have. This « trick » which means that, as soon as he touches his instrument, you are transported with the angels to I don’t know where! But you’re not there anymore… you’re simply gone !

When I listen and watch ESTAS TONNE, this is what happens in my head when this beautiful artist transmits to me his love for music through his unconditional passion for the guitar! The same kind of passion that some didgeridoo artists give me like ONDREJ SMEYKAL, ANDREW LANGFORD, ASH DARGAN and many others… or in the Handpan like STEVE SHEHAN, KABECAO, KLAÏM etc.

Personnellement, j’ai découvert ESTAS TONNE par hasard sur une plateforme d’écoute dans la fameuse case « Artistes similaires » … et j’ai cliqué sur son album « INFERNAL FLIGHT » pour voir de quoi il s’agissait… et là, BAM ! Grosse claque dans la gueule ! Je marche dans PARIS, il est 3 heures du matin, et voilà que ce morceau de 64 minutes me transporte au paradis sans me demander si j’étais d’accord. Et j’ai 2 bonnes heures de marche à faire pour rentrer à la maison… et je décide d’y aller à pied à la vue de la qualité musicale que j’avais dans les oreilles ! Magique ! Et me voilà marchant dans les rues de la capitale, la tête en l’air en train d’admirer les vieilles rues de la ville qui m’a tout donnée pour la musique !

Personally, I discovered ESTAS TONNE by chance on a listening platform in the famous « Similar artists » box … and I clicked on his album  » INFERNAL FLIGHT «  to see what it was all about… and there, BAM ! Big slap in the face ! I’m walking in PARIS, it’s 3 am, and this 64-minute piece takes me to paradise without asking me if I agree. And I have a good 2 hours of walking to go home… and I decide to go there on foot at the sight of the musical quality that I had in my ears ! Magic ! And here I am walking in the streets of the capital, my head in the air admiring the old streets of the city which gave me everything for music !

The next day, I decide to go and see who is this artist who made me hover so much the day before, and I discover a man of Ukrainian origin, who claims to be a troubadour of modern times. His particularity is to take his guitar, effect pedals, an amp and land in public places around the world… to play what he likes quite simply ! That is to say a kind of Flamenco that I would describe as very « spatial« , with very soft and soaring moments, then accelerations that make you want to run on a beach or to ride a horse and gallop at full speed towards I don’t know where !

Of course, he knows his talent and he knows what he is doing… so video capture at each performance, then posted on YOUTUBE each time… and surrounded today by a manager, videographer etc.

He also collaborates with the world of cinema with the French movie’s director Claude LELOUCH in the film « CHACUN SA VIE » in 2017, and the film « TIME OF THE SIXTH SUN » by Nikki ‘LUNA’ WILLIAMS.

Now, the question I asked myself this morning while listening to his last title « SPIRIT OF TIME » and which made me want to do this article was :

 » What if ESTAS TONNE played didgeridoo or Handpan ? What would he have done? « 

The answer was obvious to my eyes and ears:   » no need for ESTAS TONNE at didgeridoo and Handpan because we already have talented artists in fact ! »… Everyone has their place !

Estas TONNE likes to record his albums live, there will be 23 albums, from 2002 until today… what more can I say ? When passion drives you, imagination remains the only engine to start… which it does brilliantly !!!


I hope that with these few words and video links from this article, you will want to listen to this magnificent artist, very inspired and bewitching ! Do not hesitate to go listen to his discography and discover his magical lives… thank you ESTAS TONNE !!!