Here is this DIDJAMAN didgeridoo named “The STARDUST“, with its natural wood color dress… all ending with a crown and a translucent mouthpiece with golden glitter and sparkling gold powder… you would think you were in the universe…

  • Wood : Eucalyptus  ” YELLOW BOX “, cut in 2007, Cape York, Australia

  • Drying : 11 years

  • Age : + 40 years

  • Note :  D

  • Height : 130 cm

  • Diameter Pavilion : 9 cm

  • Diameter column mothpiece : 5 cm

  • Diameter opening mouthpiece : 30 mm

  • Weight : 3,170 Kg

  • Translucent and golden colored mouthpiece with gold glitter powder and Gabon Ebony finish for lip support…

  • Pavilion crown in translucent resin and golden glitter also…

  • “Candy” type varnish with 7 layers… very soft and very pleasant to the touch !

  • Qualities :  Thanks to its air column, the STARDUST is a very versatile didgeridoo ! Whether you are in love with the BEAT-BOX type game or whether you are a beginner, the STARDUST is a precise and gentle didgeridoo at the same time. Its harmonics are graceful and very clear. A real permanent pleasure of play…

  • Luxury carrying bag with assorted colors…

Combo Price = DIDGERIDOO + BAG