Here is this DIDJAMAN didgeridoo named   » WHITEY « , with its beautiful dress of natural white wood colors… all ending with a mouthpiece in magnificent Gabon Ebony…

  • Wood : Eucalyptus ”YELLOW BOX“, cut in 2008, Cape York, Australia

  • Drying : 14 years

  • Age : over 40 years

  • Note : D # (calibrated in 432 Hertz)

  • Height : 132 cm

  • Bell diameter : 10.5 cm

  • Mouthpiece column diameter : 6 cm

  • Mouthpiece opening diameter : 30 mm

  • Weight : 3.8 Kgs


  • Mouthpiece made with Gabon ebony wood for the comfort of the lips…

  • Pavilion crown in natural wood…

  • Varnish made with 7 coats, with an aspect not too shiny to appreciate the colors and shapes of her dress …

  • Carrying case with a choice of Gray, Black or White colors, reinforced and very well padded for the cold
  • QUALITIES : the  ” WHITEY “  is a precise and gentle didgeridoo at the same time. Its harmonics are graceful and very clear. It is easy to play to start well and it is a real permanent pleasure to merge with it… it will also allow you to master your air column and Circular Breathing techniques well and like that, you will be able to appreciate it to its true extent value…


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  • * To buy this didgeridoo or get a payment facility… do not hesitate to contact Raphaël Didjaman