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Workshops are always an opportunity to meet other players… don’t hesitate !

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Come and live an enriching experience with the Didgeridoo accompanied by Raphaël Didjaman who will explain everything about this ancestral instrument !

3 Levels/Modules available :

1. Beginner : Discovery of the didgeridoo, its history and how to breathe in it… /10 am to 12 am/ 10 €

2. Intermediate : Play with ease the different sounds and variations of circular breathing… /2 pm to 4 pm/ 20 €

3. Advanced : How to work the rhythm with a sustained tempo while reducing the efforts… /4 pm-6 pm/ 20 €

PLACES LIMITED to 10 people on each module –


Discover, depending on your level, additional techniques and some to advance more effectively!

1. I am a beginner because I don’t know at all, or barely breathe in … so I register from 10am to 12pm.

2. I am intermediate because I know how to breathe but I am just getting there and I can hardly breathe at the same time as I breathe … so I register from 2pm to 4pm.

3. I am advanced because I already have good control of fundamental circular breathing and I would like to know the other variations well as well as controlling the fast playing with a sustained tempo… so I register from 4pm to 6pm.


3 Levels : Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

10 and 20€






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