This legend is full of beauty !

It was an aboriginal person who told it to me in the Australian desert during my first trip in 1995, and I never had the opportunity to hear again. When I decided to publish it, I went back to the city of Alice Springs in Australia and found that Aboriginal man who was so nice, but to no avail…

The Legend of Didgeridoo


Like all musical instruments, the Didgeridoo has its own story and legends… here’s a pretty original…

« 3 legs, the legend of the Didgeridoo »

« Three Legs » is a three-legged that lives in Australia. In fact, he has two legs and a « big » zizi that he uses to walk.

One evening in his cave, he eats quietly and watches the sun go down. It was then that he saw Warima and Balinga, two Aboriginal women, gathering food for their tribe.

They are beautiful !!! He immediately falls in love with them ! He rushes at full speed, captures them and takes them to his cave house.

Late in the night, Warima managed to escape and regain his tribe at full speed. She tells them all the adventure. The tribe agrees and decides to free Balinga from the hands of 3 legs.

In the middle of the night, the two best hunters of the tribe dig a big hole near the cave of 3 legs.

Early the next day, Warima quietly picks fruit in front of the cave. 3 legs wakes up and stretches. He looks at the sunrise and what ?! What does he see ? Free Warima ?! His blood is only one trick! He rages at full speed to take Warima and there … believing to reach his goal, he falls into the hole. His fall is terrible! Stuns, he looks up and realizes what happened to him. His eyes go instinctively upwards and see all the hunters throwing stones at him, shouting at the top of their voices !

In fear, 3 legs curl up on itself. Take his penis with both hands and breath in… and there, an incredible sound of his zizi !

Leaving the tribe astonished and totally mystified! They are asleep, and faces are frozen !

A few minutes later, the tribe wakes up after this strange « stunning » and the chef exclaims :

 » 3 legs is gone !!! « 

 » This sound has power ! « 

 » We must at all costs find this sound ! « 

 » Let’s go get a similar sound in the bush ! « 

The members of the tribe disperse to seek sound. Then meet again in the evening, around the fire, to discuss and exchange their experiences. Unfortunately, nothing happened.

During the discussion, one of them gets up and breaks a branch of eucalyptus tree to feed the fire. Before placing the hollow branch on the fire, it blows in to remove the termites. And blowing, the incredible sound is back ! Sending all termites join the stars in the sky…

The didgeridoo is born !


Didgeridoo Artist / Maker & Producer.