Didgeridoo Lessons

Whether you are a beginner or already experienced, Raphaël Didjaman offers to the simple curious as to the most passionate of didgeridoo among you, adapted private lessons, thanks to a simple and effective method for more than 20 years !

Group or personal training courses, whose only goal is to help you discover, then explore all the fields of the possible offered by this outstanding instrument. No headaches, the prices are adapted to the situation of each one because the idea is to make you personally advance in the quest for your vision and without judgment.

Didgeridoo Lessons

How goes the didgeridoo lessons ?

Upon your arrival at Raphael, you will receive a warm welcome because the altruism of this musician is in the spotlight in his apartment rather atypical it must be admitted !

In fact, green and purple synthetic lawns sport and strew the grounds, as well as a decoration that highlights the world of travel around the world of a man’s life. Then you will enter the main room where your classes will take place … and you will discover a superb collection of vinyl records with a hammock in a thousand colors. So welcome to a relaxed atmosphere in the heart of Paris … Besides, are we still in Paris ?

« Didjaman », as some call it, will surely offer you a tea or a coffee followed by a discussion that will serve as an introduction to your choice and why the didgeridoo … which will allow you to understand that it is possible to more common mortals to play this ancestral and magical instrument.

« I’ve never made music … is it possible for me too ?! « 

Yes it is possible to play the didgeridoo even if you have never made music before, because during the course, Raphael will teach you the technique of the fundamental note, better known under the name of the « drone ». Then, you will try to blow in several didgeridoos to determine the one that will suit you best during your hour of course. It is this step that will make you understand the importance of the note that will match you to start playing without too much trouble … because yes, we do not have to suffer to play the didgeridoo, or music simply.

The principle is simple, it is to decode the instrument in its listening as well as in practice. Step by step, you will understand that your body is a laboratory that you will be able to discover and explore. As classes progress, you will master more and more this wonderful instrument without you having the impression of having suffered !!!

The Didgeridoo Internships in Paris :

Raphaël organizes Didgeridoos internships several times a year in Paris. These courses contain several modules depending on your level. In general, 3 modules are offered: Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced. Saturday is the easiest and most appropriate day to organize these courses, and the hours are generally between 10 am and 18 pm.

Didgeridoo internship in your area ? It’s possible !

As you understand, Raphael likes to discover and share. Which means that if you like to organize events, and that the opportunity to discover the didgeridoo with your loved ones tempts you… well do not hesitate to contact Raphael to ask him all your questions about when and how to do, and see if you can set up this kind of event.

Passionate and passionate, Raphaël likes to transmit what has been transmitted to him. As classes go on, his joie de vivre will make you want to play and share your experience with your friends and family… so do not hesitate to contact Raphaël Didjaman.

Attention, a minimum of work and concentration are necessary to have a result because the didgeridoo is entertaining but it remains nevertheless a musical instrument. Raphael Didjaman adapts his lessons to each student and personalizes them according to the evolution of each of course. To date, his method of learning has been proven beyond 2000 students !

Course prices range from 20 to 60 € per hour depending on your professional situation.

For information on your rates and conditions, do not hesitate to contact Raphaël.

In any case, the warm atmosphere and the progression are guaranteed !


Didgeridoo Artist / Maker & Producer.