Stand out with your didgeridoo or instrument… it’s possible !

JACQUES BREL, the famous french singer said in an interview :

” If you really realize that living on music is a big battlefield, and you’re ready to suffer to get there… then you can go ! “

This is a blog subject that I make especially because it traces the career of many of my musician friends, some of whom are very well known, others much less… and not at all for others. Which does not prevent them from being happy, on the contrary !

Over the years, I have come to realize the heavy intellectual journey that each musician must secretly carry in him, because I have carried it too. And even if I managed to let go of some excessively “heavy” baggage, I still sometimes get caught in the turmoil of questioning. As my writer friend GILLES RIP  say it so well :  “To think is to doubt”  – LEO SCHEER Editions

So I will try to answer these questions that tease each of us at some point in our journey Ô how complex is the world of music. This is only my point of view and engages only me, of course. Even having made more than 10 albums, some of these questions suddenly resurface sometimes… that nothing is ever taken for granted ! And I sincerely think it’s good like that, because it allows me to live and enjoy each present moment, and to understand that perpetual movement has always existed, except for the one who does nothing !

Here are 2 keys to assured progression: Work and Regularity !

  • Am I good enough to professionalize myself ?

This is a question that requires a reflection that is established over time. We always have “fans” around us who will say that we assure and that we should get started. This is not false, but these people are part of what is called “the acquired”. That is to say that we are good or not, they will find you good anyway ! Because they love you and this is their way of telling you. Many thanks to them !

So the idea will be to intelligently filter the points of view between the family and the real musicians. The only way to move forward and gain confidence is to meet musicians who practice every day! Yes yes… I insist that they practice every day. Because whether we like it or not, the work and the regularity of your engagement will end up paying… necessarily !

Then, it is in your hands that you hold an additional key: the organization of your agenda… and do not wait 10,000 years to see yourself between zikos and start playing for fun together. The path that will lead you to an album or other project construction will be done if it has to be done… quite simply !

  • How to professionalize myself ?

You will have to create your musical universe. It means find out who you are and what to say… and if possible, say something in an original form and never seen… which can take time ! Then, we will have to go play in a place that will like your universe, which means who will have to convince the boss that your universe can seduce its customers. And if you can keep your eyes on it by forgetting to look at your belly button… it’s 50% of the way accomplished !

Then know that the best thing is to negotiate an officially paid date. This is where things start to get complicated, because the person in charge of the place will have to declare you, or else they will have to accept an official invoice from you. But remember that this is all for professionalization, nothing else.

Next step : conventional and official structures such as SACEM, SPEDIDAM, ADAMI etc. are essential to be able to obtain income from our songs and music when they are broadcast on Tv, Radio, Youtube etc. media. or when we play in an official concert venue, a performance hall.

Of course there are special conditions for entering and becoming a member. But it will immediately show your motivation to enter the professional circuit, even if you don’t make a living with your music yet. In any case, these structures are an assembly of people who work to assert your rights and pay you back the money that must come back to you… so, neither do you face it, it is useless… accept it and you will be all too grateful when you receive your first check !

  • Are we going to like what I offer and play ?

STOP !!! This question is useless, I guarantee it ! Because we all have the right to an audience, so you will have yours, don’t worry. The question is rather : is my universe coherent ? If the answer is yes, then go for it !

You have to understand that it can take up to a decade to find your true “me” with a musical universe that represents us well and where we feel good. This means that you should not hesitate to share experiences with other musicians who play metal, techno, gothic, rap, salsa, reggae, classical, jazz, funk etc… these are all these experiences that will open your mind because each universe is full of riches, and will bring you more knowledge for later.

  • I would like to be recognized by my musician fathers, how to it ?

Recognition is legitimate and part of the human journey for most of us. What seemed obvious to me at the time when I wanted us to listen to what I had to say was to make a musical album… a record !  But the idea of setting up an album project seemed to me to be a Himalayan… so I revised my way of thinking and I thought :   ” Raf, you’re not stupid… the best you’re going slowly, ok ? “

And from that moment, I started to structure my agenda with small, medium and large objectives. The big thing was for me to make the full album in the next 12 months. So I had a musician and producer friend who had his studio, and we started working together on ideas I had in mind. During this time, I saved and paid for the beginnings of a personal recording studio. What will give a musical transition between the studio of my friend that I paid and mine that I realized. Becoming independent allowed me to meet a producer who immediately liked what I was doing, when I was not at all sure of myself. And it was with joy that he offered to release my first 2 albums… I was in heaven ! So think !

The day I was ready, I announced to my friend that I was taking my independence, and that the 4 tracks that we had made together would be in this album which is called “TECHNOLODIDGE” and which was released the day of the music festival, June 21, 2004, with a great promo in prime-time on TF1 thanks to the producer I had met…. thank you Pascal !

I think you have to live your music to the full ! And that people feel it, no need to talk too much… and the proposals will present themselves one day when the other…

  • To be famous…. why not ?

This is what I call a “mishap” when I see the number of zic-men who really succeed in breaking through !

One day my friend Jean-Claude DECALONE, founder of the music store FEELING MUSIQUE, said to me : ” Success is like money, you don’t care when you have it…”

Indeed, this question tormented my brain at the time, and I took the time to think about it, to come to the conclusion that if you do everything to be known, you risk losing yourself. Which led me to say that I will continue on my path and produce music that I like above all! No concessions to absolutely succeed… just acceptable compromises that will not lead me to a betrayal created by the meanders of my brain. And I think I managed the thing well.

I have never betrayed my fathers and my fellow musicians to buy me success or recognition… something that others constantly do. The wheel turns, and the boomerangs that they throw away will return back by law one day or the other.

The thing that has allowed me and keeps me straight for more than 20 years is my ancestral musical instrument and its origin : the Didgeridoo !

To conclude this subject, I would just like to say that meetings come and go. Nothing frozen. Surround yourself with beautiful people who understand you and who do what you can not do in music to be sure to move forward without too many illusions. So a perpetual movement that leads to permanent failures and successes… so I go for it, and you ?