Here is this magnificent DIDJAMAN didgeridoo collector named “KANGAROO“,
with its superb paintings and its smoky, slightly blackish wood color…

The history of this instrument is simply magical !

It is the year 2000, Raphaël Didjaman begins to acquire the trust of certain aboriginal “suppliers” from whom he buys logs in the years 96/2000. The outward and return journeys he made between France and Australia have clearly demonstrated over the years that he is a serious and determined man. Over time, he comes into contact and befriends PETER LEO, with whom he will go into the bush to cut his own didgeridoos. His dream is finally coming true !

At the end of this trip, which will forever mark Raphaël, this man of Aboriginal origin will offer him this didgeridoo “KANGAROO” by expressing his joy at having met a white man with a big heart…

Since then Peter Léo passed away. And Raphaël decided to part with this magnificent didgeridoo for sentimental reasons that were too strong to manage each time he saw him.

He offers this didgeridoo to the collector who loves beautiful instruments with a real story !

  • Wood : Eucalyptus ” GREY BOX “, récupéré en 1996, Cape York en Australie…

  • Drying : + de 20 ans

  • Age : + de 50 ans

  • Note : Do Dièse calibrée à 432 Hertz

  • Height : 145 cm

  • Diameter Pavilion Bell : 24 cm

  • Diamètre column mouthpiece : 6,5 cm

  • Diameter opening mouthpiece : 30 mm

  • Weight : 4,9 Kg

  • White Nacre mouthpiece and Gabon Ebony Ring finish for lip support…

  • Pavilion crown in white epoxy resin saturated with nacre powder…

  • Very beautiful painting of KANGAROO linked to a EMEU in the middle of the dress and which makes all its originality, accompanied by horizontal grooves.

  • Qualities : Very clear and precise harmonics, with a large sound volume and a magnificent resonance due to the size of the bell !

  • Luxury tailor-made cover in accordance with the colors of the instrument and the paint…


  • + 120 € shipping costs for Europe by UPS
  • * To buy this didgeridoo or get a payment facility… do not hesitate to contact Raphaël Didjaman