EEBUKLEY … when music and cinema are only 1 !

A beautiful meeting with this very “spatial” artist !

Director of cinema and mega-known commercials french that have rocked our childhood (“K … the cheese of gourmets in short pants!” To name just that …), EEBUKLEY imposes a very strange musical style and barred mixed with the Didgeridoo !

Submitted to the questions of DIDJAMAN BLOG, this artist gives us his musical adventure :

Question : Hello, who are you ?

Answer : I am Eebukley, director of commercials, short films, clips and screenwriter of feature films with ” THE WOOD CAMERA ” wich is I received the Crystal Bear Trophy in Berlin. I have always practiced music… singing, dry guitar and flute…

Q : How was your firt meeting with the Didgeridoo ?

A : One day I listened to a didgeridoo player in the street, it was a real shock. The tribal sound of the didgeridoo, its vibrations that touch the belly, and the practice of the breath continues, essential to play this instrument. I needed a Didgeridoo ! I felt a form of meditation that joined my daily practice of TAI CHI. A ‘trunk of Eucalyptus’ nibbled from the inside by termites, cut by the aborigines to make their musical instrument for me it was a bit of a magic stick…

Q : The idea of ​​making your first album came to you how ?

A : My staff guides me… I become Raphaël DIDJAMAN’s pupil… and I would not say that my musical adventure started with the didgeridoo. I already sang as a child until I was 11, and then I played guitar and flute. It was rather when I bought the material to create my home studio, that everything changed. I first recorded my game at the didgeridoo, and then I started composing songs. Part acoustic sounds : singularly used musical instruments, gong, violin, harmonica, various sound bodies, even my typewriter.

Q : How long did it take you between the day of your meeting and the release of the album ?

R : One day Raphael DIDJAMAN come to my place. I throw myself into the water by making him listen to three songs that I had just composed. He tells me he loves my music… WOW ! And he evokes the prospect of producing a CD, ” to see in six months, where you will be “. I did not believe it, I had created my first music without references, a big dive into the unknown with a lack of confidence in me, that only a big desire to achieve was at a distance. Deal ! DIDJAMAN produced me a double album INVIZIBLE and MENTAL SHOOT.

Q : Does your album contain any sort of message ?

R : With the first track  BLUE ABSENCE , from my 3rd album ZEERO, it’s a more melodic, longer track. It is composed music for a friend who died very young in a scooter accident, an unforgettable encounter. Often, I feel a music in me, like a magma of sounds, it must erupt from time to time. In this same album ZEERO, there is a title  CLOSE OF INFINITY   where the music is more rhythmic, more electronic… it is a journey that ends in an optimistic momentum.

Q : What is your inspiration when you compose ?

R : My practice of Taï Chi leads me to open myself to the world and not to project myself on the world. It’s the meaning of my music, to open up, to let the being and the body become music. There is a huge capacity for listening when the ear welcomes the sounds of the world musically. Staying hours editing sounds for a film rips the ears. They become huge, big flags. Once in the street, it does not stop, it’s a big concert that starts… Awesome.

I remember the cycle of contemporary creation in homage to Marc André Dalbavie at the Maison de Radio France. That day I entered another dimension. In front of me, I saw a great musical mass, a cloud of notes with all the sounds in motion… I felt teleported : I became music. There is a bit of this experience in my album MENTAL SHOOT.

Q : At the speed things are going today, would you have a personal message for people who listen or listen to your album?

R : I found myself alone at the top of a volcano, a terrible wind was blowing. I pulled out my flute, it’s the wind that played. What happiness… and I will receive the return of your listening as the echo of my sounds…

Think, compose… art must be shared !

The albums of EEBUKLEY are available on Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music etc.