When the DIDGERIDOO takes to the skies with


“UNLOCK THE DOOR”: the album that holds water… towards the heavens !

3keys… do you know them ?  These 3 renowned musicians, in their respective world, have a story and beautiful things to give us with this magnificent 1st album entitled “UNLOCK THE DOOR


We stop the suspense to make way for the presentation of the artists… that’s why 3keys is called that way: all the first names of these musicians start with a K !

KELU DIDG : Pioneer of the BEAT-BOX style in didgeridoo since the 2000s. KELU DIDG has been practicing with its didgeridoo what has been called “busking” for years. The talent of this exceptional player was to believe that we could mix modernity and ancestral by introducing and adapting the BEAT-BOX with the multi-millennial sounds of the DIDGERIDOO… and well it is won !!!

If you are walking in Paris, it could happen to you to cross it at the corner of a beautiful Parisian place playing and working new pieces in contact with the public. We can often see it also in summers at world music festivals like the HANDPAN FESTIVAL, which takes place the last weekend of June in South East France.

His devastating and inimitable style of play has really influenced the new generation of didgeridoo players… bravo KELU DIDG !

KLAÏM : is one of the pioneers of HandPan in France. Under his very cool air hides a beast of stage also ! An ear and a musical instinct that I would describe as gifted… very gifted !

KLAÏM made his weapons on the right and on the left as they say. He will make several solo albums which will make him stand out in the cinema, and will make him actively participate in the composition of the music for the film “Blue is the warmest colour” which will propel him towards his professionalization and put him forward for the expansion of the HandPan in France. He is also the organizer of the Parisian festival “HANDPANAME” which will take place in 2020 in Paris.

We also find KLAÏM in world music festivals with 3keys…

KIM : is an artist who impresses by his sound presence on each scene where he presents himself. I call it “Mister SuBASS“… and you will understand when you will see this Youtube video !

KIM started BeatBoxing in 2007 and he made his first steps in international tournaments in 2009, including the FRENCH TEAM BEATBOX CHAMPIONSHIP… which he won with his group “NOCIFS SOUND SYSTEM” this same year and confirmed his talent by winning the trophy in 2010 and 2011… and to allow yourself to obtain the title of Vice-champion of France solo as well as in team, named “END of the GAME” in 2017 !

This little prodigy with a percussive voice will befriend KELU DIDG who will introduce him to KLAÏM, and will also make him discover the world of alternative and wolrd music. Always eager to learn and discover new experiences, KIM will embark on this ambitious project to create the group 3keys with its 2 stage partners… for the result of this exceptional album !

UNLOCK THE DOOR” is composed of 11 tracks for a key album in the world of fusion albums between genres…

If you like to dance and jump all over the place, and for having seen this band on stage several times, do not hesitate for a second to inquire about their upcoming concerts and see them share their love for music and their talents with you ! Well done 3keys !

To listen to and buy the album, follow the links :

=> https://3keys.bandcamp.com/releases

For the organizers of festivals, concerts or others, do not hesitate to contact them… because they will smash the public !


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